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Black and White

and then you start to appreciate the colors...

12 December 1980
Since 2007/10/10 this journal is friends only. I don't post any interesting stuff, mostly about my real life and not very frequently, but I plan to change that - the frequency of posting, I mean. If you're still interested in reading my posts just comment (not that I have any illusions about the number of comments I get :) ) and I'll add you...

About me:
Sometimes I think faster than I can speak, I don't like crowds of people and I've got a food allergy. Am unmarried, impulsive and love sleeping. Maybe I'm not good at describing my life in words but when I feel like sharing something I do it. I love reading. And in my opinion real life experiences are sometimes more interesting than fiction stories...

This journal exists since 2006/10/16.

And by the way, the Greek word anthemon means flower.

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